Setting Up Goals

@srjac0902 (1170)
December 30, 2011 5:05am CST
Setting up of goal is very essential to life if we seek for physical and mental health. A life without any direction is a symptom of personality disorder. The human greatness lies in setting up his goals and choosing the right means with wise planning. To set a goal in life man must have an attraction. There are many people who live without a specific aim. God created us to bloom fully. He has endowed us with specific and unique talents. Many individuals may not find a stage to display their natural talents and they perhaps are forced to do the actions without having any natural inclination. They are forced to do it to earn their daily bread and settle the family. Many individuals carry within themselves a great disappointment for not having obtained what they were craving for. A wise planning and choosing a correct path or means will spare the individual from wasting his time and energy. While planning his life he must calculate his resources which are available naturally and some resouces he will have to borrow to pay back from the outcome. It should be a great endeavor of man to calculate his affordable budget and then venture to spend. Sometimes man desires to possess superficial thing just to beat the concurrence with his neighbor or the friend. While realizing the goal if both the parents are united, then the children will have a bright future. Sometimes he will have to consult while investing and get in formation from all possible sources.
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@hiddenwing (3720)
• China
30 Dec 11
It is good to set up goals. However, you'll need to persevere if you want the business to succeed. One who has a strong mind will set a long-term target to pursue.while, one who is weak inner heart will has large amount of aims, and often changes it. We should set up one goal and keep on going for it.
@Bluedoll (16830)
• Canada
30 Dec 11
I can see how this could work well. Perhaps one goal is best with many sub goals to get there?
@zandi458 (28107)
• Malaysia
30 Dec 11
Having no goals in life is akin to living without purpose. Of course not all who set their target in life could savor sweet success. And I am not ashamed to admit I am one of those who failed to materialize the goals I set in my life. I am a total wreck to say the least. I gave up active employment in the hope of chasing the rainbows but I made a blunder of myself and fell miserable in business. Getting up took many wrong turns which to this day I still couldn't fix the jigsaw puzzles to my life destiny. If given the opportunity to go back and restructure my life with only one change or to learn one lesson, it would be to trust my intuition, gut, or six sense. My life could would have been entirely different if I would have focus my mind on my goals in life.
• Malaysia
30 Dec 11
Goals to me is ambition to achieve dreams. i learned that to stay focus on my goal will lead me to what i wanted. So i am focus here at myLot to get what i focus on, yes we also should think out of the box and wear other hats too and one moment of time.