Layaway Angels

@tessah (6617)
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December 30, 2011 9:30am CST
most definitely the most heartwarming christmas news to date, especially when all ive been hearing has been mobs of shoppers hurting each other (remember the woman who stabbed someone with an ornament to escape from a shop lifting arrest?) oblivious sale fanatics stepping over dead elderly men to get another smidge off their receipts.. the stories of the bad behavior during a time of year thats sposed to be filled with peace & love have been endless. with the exception of this one... and it isnt just a single person.. the amount of strangers going into their local Kmarts and paying on others layaway accounts is growing, and didnt end after the holiday =o) if youve been a recipient of this kindness, id love to hear yer story.. if yer one of the many angels, youve done more than just touch the lives of the families youve helped and i want to thank you for restoring my faith in some of humanity. if yer neither of the above.. please share yer thoughts of how the actions of these wonderfully generous people has affected and inspired you =o) if yer neither
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@deebomb (15307)
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4 Jan 12
Hello tessah. It is good to learn about the layaway angles. Here is another one for you. Since 2009 a good Samaritan in North Carolina paid $2000 to keep the electricity on for families in danger of having their electricity turned off. This year that help goes to fourteen families.
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30 Dec 11
I think that this is a great thing it makes me realize in a world such as ours there are still people out there that have a good heart and care about their fellow men. I know that several families in my town had this happen to them and it was a God send for them. They had lost their jobs and had given up that they would be able to provide a Christmas for their children. The thing that got me the most was how accepting the children were. They were told that they did not have money for Christmas and that they may not get alot for Christmas and the child said its ok mommy at least I get to spend it with the people I love the most. I wished that I had the money to get their stuff out of lay a way but I was just as broke. Needless to say it was a great Christmas for this family thanks to one Angel.