Free Gifts for all !!

December 30, 2011 4:43pm CST
Some of my friends have told me about online bidding. But i never heard of them. I really want to know from you guys. Please tell me is there any site where I an bid for a certain gift and win it free??
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1 Jan 12
Free? I dont think so, hahas...If thats the case, a lot of people are going to bid and bidding isnt free. Maybe you are talking about a lucky draw? Even then, you need to make a purchase to be entitled a try in the lucky draw... :_)
• United States
31 Dec 11
I do know of a site where you can win things for free and post things for free. e-mail me for details and I will send you the listing. not sure if I can post it here.
@djbtol (5493)
• United States
30 Dec 11
Lot's of people promise 'something' for 'nothing', but real life typically does not work that way.
@much2say (54330)
• Los Angeles, California
31 Dec 11
Hmmmm . . . what do you bid with to win a free gift? I know on something like ebay you bid on something and if you win, you have to pay what you bid to get it - but it's not a contest or anything.
@damned_dle (3942)
• Philippines
31 Dec 11
Free gifts? You must be mistaken! Bidding sites requires money.
@ekoytyas (4679)
• Indonesia
31 Dec 11
i don't know any site like that. i just know bidding site is just ebay and amazon.