how many people have a eating disorder

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November 20, 2006 7:48pm CST
you guys say something.
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@brokentia (10393)
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21 Nov 06
Do you realize how broad the term eating disorder it? I would think that any person at one point in one's life would have an eating disorder. Over-eating is a disorder...and we are entering the season where people tend to over eat. More turkeys stuffed, more yams jammed, buicuits and cookies in both hands! Under-eating is a disorder...people try to watch what they eat so hard, they end up not eating enough! Dieting can be a disorder...grapefruit diet - eat only grapefruit for so long and you will loose weight. Well, now one is eleminating a majority of the food group that a nutritionist would have a cow! LOL Then of course bulimia and anorexia go to the extreme. Binge and purch or just don't eat at all for days except exlax! Most common eating disorder...the workoholic! Skipping meals because you don't have time to eat. Your starving your body when you need it the most. Then you come home to eat but then overeat because your so hungry!
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