Don't you get tired of those PTC?

@rhodzptc (1317)
January 3, 2012 10:27am CST
I myself started on that PTC, but I realized that clicking ads for cents over and over again makes me tired! Ok I know it is very easy to click and view ads for 30 minutes or less but most of PTC sites this days are turning into Scam before you reach your pay out the sites already closed or branded as scam so all your time click those 30 seconds ads puts into to waste, now what would you do? join another PTC sites and then will turn into scam again? There were only few legitimate and trusted PTC sites out there like Neobux but it seems that sites already turning into Aurora sites instead of bux sites they pay less than a cents now. I already stop PTC even though I got enough referrals because I felt guilty whenever one PTC sites turn into scam. Most of my referrals became my friends so I felt bad for them if they wasted time whenever a bux sites turn into scam. I teach them and invite them whenever there is a new PTC site. But this thing happens over and over I get frustrated so I gave my PTC account to some else and try to find another online earning opportunities better than PTC. It's been almost 2 years now since I started to a new earning opportunities online and I can say that I've been successful then because back in the days I used to join PTC sites I'm only earning $100 a month with almost hundred of referrals but today I'm earning more than that. As I browsing mylot I keep seeing new discussion about PTC sites, don't you get tired about this PTC?
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• United States
4 Jan 12
Yes. Yes. And yes. I actually stopped working on them because I got so darn bored! It was so montonous! And doesn't pay off unless you have referrals! Ick. I'm sticking to myLot!
@achraf52 (179)
• Morocco
6 Jan 12
Contact me to know how to get a good income with just few startup amount .
@drow1212 (169)
• United States
5 Jan 12
I found my core sites but i have ran into scams. Guess MyLot has a paste requirement so i'll just leave it at that.
@daayur (35)
4 Jan 12
they are really time wasters,they waste your time and give you less