January 4, 2012 7:33am CST
Is it really real get paid to chat?? Only 30 onliners are there and don't know if they pay..
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@sajeevking (5073)
• Mumbai, India
4 Jan 12
Don't waste time on birejji better stick to mylot it take lot of time and senseless chatting to reach 25cents payout i guess i tried it for 3 days if you are active here for the same time you can reach the 10$ payout here
• Philippines
4 Jan 12
I don't understand how my earnings going up??
• Mumbai, India
4 Jan 12
Hi PPE This is my personal opinion do you have a problem with that don't worry i won't be there i have already tried it not worth it for me
• Mumbai, India
4 Jan 12
Means you love that site i would too get mad if someone say similar thing about the site i love (mylot ) sorry for that PPE I
@dhoyalahoy (1414)
• Philippines
8 Apr 17
this is my 1st account on mylot. It was 2011 not 2010. Coool!!! Sorry my account I can't use you. I don't know the email and password. Stay there and I'll visit you once in a while LOOLL
• Netherlands
4 Feb 12
Yes, the site really pays you but the do not pay very much. If you want to earn money you better can post here 1 discussion than chat there more than 1 hour. But if you want to get some refferals on sites you can chat with people there to make them your refferal. I got from that site 25 cent but it was on the begin than they paid much better then now. I hope you will will get it too.
@shskumbla (3338)
• India
6 Jan 12
I didn't hear about that site, anywhere. Is that a site similar to mylot ?
@varier (5685)
• Indonesia
27 Feb 12
Yes, they are really paying up to now. But not a good amount of money. Only a cent after hours of conversation.. I think it's not a good way to earn money.
@utopia96 (640)
• Indonesia
25 Feb 12
birejji is legit site for chat only,an very slow to make money.