What will you do if you no more love a woman

January 6, 2012 11:39am CST
What will you do if you no more love a woman you are living with but she is doing everything for you to make you love her
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@tatzkie23 (770)
• Philippines
17 Jan 12
Ask yourself if you really don't love this woman anymore. Think about it further. It would really hurt hurt so bad, But you said she is doing anything for you to love her again, is she not worth it? If you don't really love her anymore then, just say it, don't make things more complicated. It's not easy to be in a one sided relationship.
@seemared (771)
14 Jan 12
that is a tough one and I wouldn't expect my partner to stop loving me..he has to and I expect that..
@chillpill90 (1936)
6 Jan 12
Well if you do not love the person in this case the woman, I think you owe it to her to tell her straight that you no longer love her. If you are living at their place and have no where else to go it is no reason to carry on a relationship based on a lie. I would sit the woman down tell her look I have been thinking about this and I do no longer love you, I know you probably want me to move out and I will in a few days. If they live at your place you should still be honest and tell them you dont love them, and then its upto you if you want them to move out.
@squallming (1775)
• Malaysia
10 Jan 12
I will make myself love her once again. Love is a type of affective feeling that comes from your heart, hormone and mind. It can happen naturally or manually. Which is to say that love can actually be created. The thing is, are you willing to love her? or is it that there is someone else who snatched your attention and love? In the end, you are the one to decide whether to love or not. It is your choice. People generally lost the excitement in a long term relationship because we get used to the person. But is love all about heart beat and excitement? My answer is no. Cheers!
@sabado_dc (1001)
• Philippines
6 Jan 12
Just don't be over forward with your actions friend... it will take sometime in order for us (men) to win the sympathy, love, possitive feedback of a women.. Just show and give all your strongest attributes and be sure it will sold out.