FIFA 2012 new features

January 7, 2012 4:56pm CST
As we know that Fifa has launched the FIFA 12 couple of months back. This game is really amazing and has improved lots of things from graphics engine to gameplay to make it close to the reality of playing in the real soccer field. Fifa 12 seems harder to play for those used to play previous version. The movement of players becomes heavier and more sensitive on touching the ball and even has body contact. Meaning to control the ball and dribbling to going through opponents is really hard since they can use body contact to stop you, even our teammates can also crash with us and also the referee. So we need more practice to master this game, once you master it the game is really amazing to play.. How about you? Have you tried this amazing game? What do you think about this game?
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@JRYCHN (35)
• Malaysia
11 Jan 12
I have tried FIFA 12, the new defend system is quite hard compare to previous version because this time around the player have to time the tackle to actually get the ball off the opponent, this is extremely hard for PC player who use keyboard control. The previous version of FIFA you can just hold down the tackle button and the A.I. in the game will automatically chase down the opponent with the ball. FIFA 12 do have good graphics but not to say it is a bad game but i still prefer PES 2012 because it is more fast pace, better respond on the control, and player behave more realistic overall. But actually it is personal preference... the 2 games just in different style, if you like more arcade like gameplay and fast paced go for PES, and if you like more challenge and better graphics go for FIFA.. =) peace
@adhyz82 (36255)
• Indonesia
8 Jan 12
iam familiar with Winning eleven and i know the game and i always play that game.. but now in my new laptop, there are games PES 2012 which is not familiar with me.. but i always try and try for playing..even iam not expert in this PES2012, but i like this game.. if iam not wrong i ever play FIFA several years ago, but i dont like fifa..their layout and interface is not interesting than winning eleven at the time..
• Indonesia
8 Jan 12
FIFA games is not familiar in my country, most of people here play Pro Evolution Soccer and Winning Eleven. I was play Fifa about 5 years ago and the movement of players so slow and not real, very hard to play...then I was quit from the game and never interested to play again