What has been the best decision of your life (till now)?

January 10, 2012 7:17am CST
hey mylotters, what has been the best decision of your life so far? My best decision was taking the stream of my choice over the college of my choice. What has been yours?
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@dhoyalahoy (1414)
• Philippines
8 Apr 17
hmmmm 5 year old post.. I will make it active once again
@dodo19 (46766)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
10 Jan 12
I think that the two best decisions that I've made was to marry my husband, and to have our daughter. Another good decision was to go to university and get my B.A.
@srik11 (482)
• India
10 Jan 12
The project which i am currently doing, although i had the chance to take up easy and meaningless subjects, i chose a challenging area and i am facing a lot of troubles but it still feels very satisfying..
• India
10 Jan 12
The best decision in my life so far is deciding to join the company in which I am currently working. Although I don't love all the decisions that i have made till date, all the decisions of mine have turned out to be good and they didn't had any bad impact on my life till now
@livecenter (1136)
• Malaysia
10 Jan 12
Perhaps it is when I chose not to go for my overseas studies - to Australia precisely. It is quite unacceptable for me at first because it is what I have always wanted since I am a school child. However, my mother did not allow me to go for some family reasons. Nevertheless, things turned out to be better than ever. Here back in my country, I loved every moment in this university of mine - besides my girlfriend was in the same university so I kinda enjoying her company here. Perhaps that is the wisest decision I have ever made in my life (of course until now!)
@Afeez91 (47)
• Kuwait
10 Jan 12
I giess my decison's time is near-by and very closed to me. I dreamt of setting UNBREAKABLE records, be famous round the world, become a popular wealth Man, rule my country and control the whole world but Am not a God!.......and take my country to the next level and stop exploitation, corruption. So help me good
• India
10 Jan 12
the best decision in my life was when i chose comp math over my parents choice of biology. i had to face many obstructions but it was for the best