United States
January 10, 2012 10:15am CST
Well, I have always had a PC computer and not as time goes on I am thinking about investing in a MAC. All of my PC friends say that MAC is way to expensive and not worth it and then MAC people say its definitely worth it. I wish people could give me a HONEST opinion about a MAC so then I can make my decision. Which do you prefer and why?
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@inertia4 (28171)
• United States
13 Jan 12
Well, if you want an honest opinion I will give you one. When I started with computers I had a PC. I only bought the PC because my brother said, well, everyone has them so get that. I wanted to buy a Mac. Now that was back in the mid 90's. But, as the time went buy, a few years I decided to go and get me a Mac. WOW. Was I totally swayed. This is what I have found, working on a PC at work and using a Mac at home. The Mac is far more easy to use. It's simplicity at it's best. There is no guessing with a Mac. With a PC, things happen like viruses. Macs are basically immune to viruses. I have had Macs now for like 17 years now and I will never go back. They are worth every penny paid for them. And if there were to be a problem with it. the Apple store has awesome people that know everything about them. They would help you figure something out and fix it if need be. Now there are different models, laptops, desktops. I personally like the iMac. Although I would not mind getting a Mac Book Air in the future as well as an iPad. Also remember this, everything Apple does, Microsoft follows. So she you see something sort of amazing from MicroSoft, remember that Apple did it first, only Apples are far better. The machines, the software, everything. And one more thing, with a Mac, you can run windows on them as well. You can partition the hard drive and have Mac OS on one side and windows on the other. It is the ultimate computer. Apple is the computer, while PC's are many companies making them. Some of the are not good and do not last very long. Don't rush into it if you're not sure, go to a local Apple store, play around with them, ask questions to the staff and get a feel for them. Believe me, you will fall in love with them. I hope this helps you.
• Philippines
2 Feb 12
honestly?, MAC is great because it looks cool and the graphic design is awesome but always remember that PC is better well if you want to experience MAC go ahead :) just think about it :D
• India
31 Jan 12
I dont find a single reason to go for a mac except the fact that it is one of the most appealing and stylish device. PC gives you flexibility,various configurations as per your requirements and at cheaper prices. And if you really wanna have good looking machine then you may consider dell alienware or hp envy series. ASUS also offers great looking laptops in their premium range. Hence there remains no point in buying a mac anymore.:)
@JRYCHN (35)
• Malaysia
13 Jan 12
MAC is definitely more expensive than a windows pc. you can compare a mac and a PC with the similar spec, Mac would be like 2x times the price, mac selling point is it OS and their fancy design that a single Monitor can house all the other hardwares inside without the necessity of a CPU case... Mac is all about fancy looking even their OS GUI look a lot better than the current vanilla windows 7 GUI, and their OS running faster and safer than a windows OS because they are almost virus free. But if you are PC gamer there are only a plenty of title available for the Mac, so you just have to buy a windows system or use the bootcamp in the mac.. =)
@bounce58 (17441)
• Canada
12 Jan 12
Just this morning I was at the apple website and reading up on the mac air which they said could be had for just $999. This after another virus issue with our desktop at home. I'm always thinking that MAC people are only saying that it's all worth it, to justify the money they spent in getting their mac. I hope they are wrong as I'm leaning on getting one. Specially with their financial plans that are available.
@smacksman (6072)
10 Jan 12
I have both and as said above, there is very little difference now. I must say my iMac really looks good on the desk. It is a superb design. It is as easy to use as Windows which really means it also has its difficult points 'under the hood'. The biggest problem with a Mac is that it is expensive when directly matched to a PC and also the Mac software is more expensive with the exception of the operating system which is much less than Microsoft. But then who is buying an OS once they have bought the computer? OK, you can run a Mac in Windows emulation mode but then why not just have a PC. If you like style and can afford it then get a Mac.