Virgin Mary In A Burger Joint..?

@tessah (6617)
United States
January 11, 2012 6:42pm CST
what is wrong with people..? really.. id like to know. its one thing to be faithful and all of that.. but its quite different if yer so very desperate to have yer faith confirmed as being "true" by looking for signs in the tiniest miniscule thing. take a good look at the picture.. then hold yer thumb up next to the picture. oh my goodness!! not only is it the virgin mary performing a miracle in a water mark on stinless steel in a greasy spoon, but youve been carrying around yer very own virgin mary miracle on yer hand.. BOTH OF THEM!!! wow!! pathetic... are you truly faithful? or do you search for signs continuously because you completely lack faith and need yer veiws confirmed because you simply just dont beleive what you cannot see? has yer toaster been the subject of a miracle as well turning yer morning english muffin into an act of god??
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• Indonesia
12 Jan 12
So sorry, but as long as I know, praising, any figure too much (as you can think he/she is divene) is consider as an idolatery even in christianity! Because the only one we need to praise and worship is just only The God! Not any human, or creatures!... *confused*
@Pose123 (21635)
• Canada
12 Jan 12
Hi tessah, I agree that this is pathetic. Why do people go to such extremes to bolster their faith? Such ridiculous ideas don't belong in today's world, whether it's thought to be seen in a burger joint or a cathedral. Blessings.
@franne32 (694)
• Philippines
12 Jan 12
I don't look for something like that every which way I go. Rather, I just have faith and move on with my life. The important thing for me is that I do something good for other people and for myself.
@CODYMAC (1356)
• San Diego, California
12 Jan 12
Hello, tessah. Rightly so you should tell them that they need to show a little faith. It is one thing to see someone being healed physically, verses hearing about someone being healed. I am very sure that alot of people are scared that their faith is not very strong, so these things are just what they need. Have a great day, and dont lose faith. :)