No, "Apollo 18" is not a real footage

United States
January 14, 2012 11:29pm CST
It was funny when a couple of friends of mine were chatting about the movie they saw last week. I already watch the movie "Apollo 18", and there is a girl who just saw it last week. It is a okay movie, not having any great action or horror scenes. But the girl who saw that movie truly believe it as a documentary, as the movie stated in the beginning, the film was uploaded in some website of how those astronauts lost in space and never return to Earth. I told her, that is not real, and it is not a documentary film. It is all part of the movie, that make our audiences believe it to be a true story. What do you think of it, do you believe this movie is a real footage of real people, and real event? I don't think so.
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@rafiholmes (2896)
• Malaysia
15 Jan 12
yeah..hehheh its not real footage.. i already explained my previous discussion i created with subject "Apollo 18. many months ago..
@dhawanbm (3705)
• India
15 Jan 12
I ve seen this movie and it was good footage, looks like real. Apollo18 mission was there and lost its track some where in the space. But movie was good to see.
@Bluedoll (16823)
• Canada
15 Jan 12
Thanks for the commentary. I've not seen the movie but saw it up on the theatre board and was tempted to go in and watch it. Perhaps, at some later date will view it at home. This sounds a lot like war of the worlds, the first one, actually the first one was a book and after that a radio broadcast but the effect was the same. People thought it was real. Maybe it is a test to see if people believe everything thing see?
@enelym001 (8322)
• Philippines
15 Jan 12
Yeah it's hard to believe that what they showed in the movie is real. Although they set up a website for that where we can see documents and a few recordings, we might think that maybe there is a truth in it. But what's hard to believe there is those stones. If that's true I think it has reached the Earth already.