How to add chitika account to Bukisa?

January 15, 2012 11:14am CST
Dear Myloters, I joined Bukisa 3 months before and posted 13 articles and applied for Google Adsense but Google denied so i saw a link of chitika Ads to the site and applied for Chitika account. They accepted my requested and i posted Chitika ads to my Blog but I did not know how to add Chitika to Bukisa so after searching on Bukisa i enter my Chitika username to Bukisa Affiliate setting and waiting for approval but nothing happened after that i thought i should go to Chitika setting page and in approved sites tab i entered, so they approved this domain to Gold status and Bukisa started to see Chitika adds but after waiting for 1 month i did not earn a single penny. When I check my earning area Bukisa site says that no Google Adsense approved. I dont know what should to be done so my friend please help me to setup Chitika adds to my Bukisa Account
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