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January 16, 2012 8:30pm CST
i have the best cat in the world simply because he does not use a litter box and also because he does not spray at all. if he ever pee'd or pooped in my house i think i would have to get rid of him. what does the world think about this discussion? does that make me a horrible cat owner? my kitty love's me very much and i love him very much as well. he is a very loving kitty and loves his home with me.
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@timetravel (1428)
• United States
17 Jan 12
so where does your cat go? Don't tell me outside. it's cruel to let cats outside. The average lifespan of a cat who roams around outdoors is five years of age. Five. An indoor cat can live to be 15 or older. It makes you someone who most likely shouldn't have a cat. Cats need love, a home, food, a clean litter box, and a few toys. They also need regular vet visits, spay/'neuter, shots, and to stay indoors.
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17 Jan 12
really? wow, up front and personal are we not? i am an avid animal lover, i graduated as a veterinary assistant and animal's are my passion. 5 years huh? are you seeing the right vet? because that is not true. ask any vet besides the one your getting your info from. seriously. my cat is very healthy, very playful, very fun, very loving and yes he does go outside, where else would he go if he didnt have a litter box? in my toilet? well let me tell ya, we are working on that. i dont know where you get your information but it is good exercise for animal's to play outside(yes even cats). i think maybe you should talk to your vet more often. my cat and i would not split up, this was just a discussion on mylot is all, dont worry...we are very happy together.
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17 Jan 12
I would post a link to the stats but I don't think that's allowed here.
@Jargoness (1191)
• Israel
20 Jan 12
I agree with Timetravel, also about the life span of cats who live outdoor AND that are not neutered. Don't take it personally, sheliaj, no-one is questioning the love you have for your cat. Why don't you want to use a litter box though?