sopa & pipa

January 19, 2012 12:58am CST
Have you heard the news? SOPA (STOP ONLINE PIRACY) & PIPA (PROTECT IP ADDRESS) might kill the web ....are you in favor that these two will have a sledgehammer that would kill downloading sites even social networking site if they happen to catch sharing of files which they call it theft? a protest Wikipedia already joined the 24 hr protest against these two anti piracy bill ...i want to know your reactions regarding this issue.... are you in favor regarding this SOPA & PIPA bill?
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• American Samoa
20 Jan 12
that bill is such a pain, it would really have a huge effect on the worldwide web, count my whole clan as one of the group that is against the bill.. :\
• Chennai, India
20 Jan 12
So far, many people have just mentioned the abbreviations only. So, I couldn't really understand it. (And the websites I visited regarding this, were so clumsy that I couldn't get the information.) But still I don't understand what effect it would have. Protecting IP address and stopping piracy are good things. Why would someone oppose it? As long as I don't know the effects of it, I'm neither for nor against.
@Luciano63 (157)
• France
19 Jan 12
I think that if this is to go against pirate sharing it is a good thing, however if it is going to shut down legit sites and this case no! So it all depends how it is going to be and what kind of interpretation it can have.
19 Jan 12
I think is kind of impossible because to shut down all of those places that are on the net it's really hard. Actually the net is a spot to share information so from the very beginning this "law" is unfounded. all of this is just because of USA as they are the most privetizers in the world.