What is Avon?

United States
January 19, 2012 4:08pm CST
I am looking into Avon and wondering what other people think about it. Has anyone tried it? Is it worth it?
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@vexxus (712)
• Philippines
20 Jan 12
Avon is cosmetic company which sells beauty product clothes and some accessories, if you would be a member you will have 25% discount on all items, our neighbor earn really decent money on avon, imagine you bought $1,000.00 worth of beauty products less 25% that is %250 dollars savings, you can decide if you want to use your membership for personal agenda or become a dealer, lots of people who are dedicated on this can really earn a huge amount of money, so if you think you have that sales talk skills hiding in you, this is one good opportunity for you.
• United States
20 Jan 12
It depends on what you're talking about...Avon's products and their quality/reliability, or working for Avon? Avon's products are actually well-made, and I've never had problems with them. I've always particularly liked their make up, but I've heard their nail polish is sub-par. As for working for them...DON'T. I once went through nearly all of the application process to become an Avon representative before I got a little leery and started looking up reviews of past employees, current ones, etc. If there is a problem with the product you order for customers, etc., YOU will need to make up for it in your pay AND deal with the customer's issues regardless of whether you made an error or the shipping department made an error. My mother is an ongoing customer of Avon's and has had numerous reps throughout her life...most of them have left the position, although she's had the same rep for about seven years now. Very nice woman, but she's let it slip before that issues with the order are taken out of her pocket. Also, Avon as a company has been steadily falling into a pit for the past few years. My mother (again, a big fan of theirs) bought a large amount of stock in them back at their peak. It's fallen greatly. Lately, they've been firing American workers and re-hiring for the same positions overseas (confirmed by a friend of mine who was laid off for this reason after 13 years, as well as her husband who had worked for them for 9), as well as being investigated for bad practices, I believe for a business arrangement they made with China, if I'm not mistaken. Under all these conditions, I doubt they'll be looking for hire. In either case, I wouldn't bother looking to work for them. If you are still unsure, PLEASE research into the company and into the opinions of both past and present Avon workers before you decide to pursue them as a potential employer.
@djshocker (400)
• United States
19 Jan 12
My mother sold Avon for some time and did so well that she became Unit Leader for her area. I helped her every time she got the shipments. We would spend many hours putting together all the orders and loading them up in her van for the next day. The next day we would spend it delivering the orders to her customers and collecting money. To get started in Avon takes a lot of patience. When you first start, you need to spread the word. You're not going to get an income right off. There is a saying "You got to spend money to make money" and Avon is no different. I remember when she first got started we would spend many days leaving books at laundromats, hanging them on peoples doors in neighborhoods, etc. Once you have your customers that start ordering from you every campaign, they will tell their friends, and then their friends will tell their friends, etc. It takes time and it all depends on how much patience and dedication you have. It took my mother about two months to start gaining a really nice group of customers (maybe about 20 to 30) and after that point, they spread the word to their friends. She didn't really make a profit at first, but after about 2 months she started slowly. If you have any questions, I remember it like it was yesterday so feel free to ask.