Got retrenched not the end of the world

January 19, 2012 10:07pm CST
As we know that, we will never know what will happen to us in the future. Even a bad thing is the hope that never happens in our lives. Including during work, a position and self-image becomes important things that must be maintained. Before bad things happen, where the position and the image was taken away from us, it could not hurt to start preparing mentally. If our employment contract was not renewed, we should never feel that our life has been destroyed. It does not mean we are not working properly.Sometimes there are office politics and many things like that..The one who still extent working not necessarily better than us. Understand its hard but still worth to try forgot and prepare anyting long before anyting happen, like having part time job or online jobs or something like that as back up plan.. What do you think about that?
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@cttolledo (5037)
• Philippines
21 Jan 12
you are right! there are lots of opportunities in this world, just look around, surf the net .... just always believe that you have the ability and willingness to do the task..
@yahnee (1247)
• Philippines
20 Jan 12
Workers get retrenched because the company can no longer afford to pay for their services. Instead of closing shop, companies retrench workers in order to stay afloat in the industry. Retrenchment does not mean you are not a good employee. More often the first to be retrenched are those who have been recently hired.In other countries, they call retrenchment as downsizing. Many companies have downsized due to the poor economy. When there is less demand for their products and services, the company has no alternative but to reduce manpower. If the company does not downsize,the possibility of closing shop is not far from view. If you happen to be in an unfortunate situation of being retrenched, it is not the end of the world. There will be other job opportunities. Just be patient and determined to look for another job.
@heartbit (237)
• Philippines
20 Jan 12
losing your job doesnt necessarily mean the end of the world. my brother and his family just arrived in our house now and told us he just lost his job. i know he got a high position but for what it was worth. he lost his job the same time those people under him. the whole department dissolved. but we are encouraging him to look for other options like applying again or starting a new business.