deja vu have you experince this? Is this connected to reincarnation?

@mauve02 (133)
January 20, 2012 5:32am CST
Does every people experience Deja vu? I always find it weird whenever I felt this Deja vu thing. Its like it already happened but you know to yourself that is still happening. Its like you dreamt of something and walla! it just happend! Some says it is something that happened in your past is it a reincarnation? is reincarnation really true? i think nobody knows if it is true or not but there is only one thing i know i live for the present and waiting for the future! hahaha
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@zralte (4178)
• India
20 Jan 12
My husband says it is because the body is very tired that the visual has gone into the memory part of the brain instead of the visual part of the brain. I do believe that. It is usually when I'm very tired that I experienced deja vu. Like I didn't sleep well or something.
@mauve02 (133)
• Philippines
21 Jan 12
maybe you are right maybe tired people only experience this :)