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Assassins Creed logo - Assassin's Creed features one of the most unique gameworlds ever created: beautiful, memorable, and alive. Every crack and crevasse is filled with gorgeous, subtle details, from astounding visual flourishes to overheard cries for help. But it's more than just a world--it's a fun and exciting action game with a ton of stuff to do and places to explore, rounded out with a complex story that will slowly grab you the more you play. The PC version has a few more issues than its console counterparts, and the keyboard-and-mouse controls strip away some of the smooth magic of exploration. Nevertheless, if you don't mind plugging in a gamepad and have a system that exceeds the system requirements, you'll find the same free-form travels and atmospheric game world that console owners enjoyed last year.
United States
January 20, 2012 7:48pm CST
Now my typical PlayStation video consists of racing games and sports and have never really liked games such as Assassins Creed. I haven't moved to the following sequels yet as still playing the first one. The story is really intriguing and I find myself not able to put the controller down. What got this started is I signed up for GameFly and noticed the latest Assassins Creed title on the front page. I thought to myself "There is a huge buzz about this so let's try it" and rented the first game in the series. When it came in the mail I was immediately hooked. Now for those of you who have tried it out, what do you think? Are the sequels just as good? I've almost beat the first one and need to know!
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• United States
28 Jan 12
I bought the first Assassin's Creed game and I liked it, but it got sort of boring. The combat was the same thing over and over again. I also didn't like Altair as a character wise. I did love exploring and love how they use real history into the game. I finished it and bought Assassin's Creed 2. Now Assassin's Creed 2 is the best out of the whole series so far. I got addicted with Assassin's Creed 2. I love the character Ezio since he's likeable. The combat system is much better than the first game and you still get to travel from different cities. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood is good, but I didn't like that you don't get to travel to different cities. I felt being in Rome was too crowded. Also I didn't like how they added multiplayer. The single player was cut short since they added the multiplayer feature. I haven't tried Assassin's Creed: Revelations yet since I can't afford it yet. I will get it when I can find it in a good sale. The Assassin's Creed trilogy is a must play game and addicting.
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4 Sep 12
i like altair more then the ezio.ezio in his youth has no personality as ever in his old age he was a good looking chracter.ezio in ac 2 was some dumb like man.
4 Sep 12
man!!!the sequels are even great than the first game.when i played the first game i found it awsme but when i played ac2 it was just king of all games and the nest sequel was even more and the next was the king of all.lrst me explain you.after first game comes assassins creed 2 having much beter graphics,gameplay,speedy acrobats by the hero(ezio)and the game a bit more complex than you will have to take medicine to refill health and you will have to buy your own armour and weopns from metal shops.for each mission you will get reward in the form of money and with this money you will customize your self.