Midters are coming in 2 days..

@lady1993 (22438)
January 22, 2012 7:29am CST
and I have just finished studying for 3 out of 9 subjects. This has been quite a hard semester- very stressful and I even fear for my grades. I hope I study enough to get better grades. Wish me luck. :D And Happy CHinese New Year...they say my zodiac sign or year or something would be lucky in the Water Dragon Year, hope they are right.
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@CTHanum (8250)
• Malaysia
27 Jan 12
Hi Lady! Good luck for your exam. I hope you don't just get through the papers but most important you do understand everything that you learn. When you understand it it will easier for you to answer the questions. It is difficult but that is the best thing about study!!!(^^)
• Philippines
22 Jan 12
Happy New Year, to you, too. I wish you not just good luck but the BEST of luck in your examinations. Say to yourself, "I will make it," again and again before your tests; then, you will surely find yourself smiling when results come out. Worrying will not help. Staying up late will not help either. I hope you remember all of those good, old days "health lectures." Get enough sleep to reboot your brain cells. Eat well to support your stamina. Think happy thoughts to relax your mind. Success surely awaits you if this is your preparation aside from reviewing three out of nine.