how much "B+ mantra" helps/heals you??

@sayo13 (414)
January 23, 2012 7:05am CST
be positive (B+) mantra works cool when you have to boost up your confidence level , be in "GET SET READY" form , or when negative feelings started cropping your mind. but how useful this "be positive" mantra have in our life. is it really about this mantra that makes you successful or it is just a means to make yourself understand that negativity destroy your ability or capability? if you are eligible whatever mantra you choose it would work wonders for you. how much this "be positive" phrase heals your lost confidence or heals your damaged faith on something or in the other way help to get back to normal?? i believe that its the ability and capability that decide what you can achieve or you have achieved.the willingness ,the desire drives it all. adopting "+" or "-" mantra would only raise your confidence for a time being but this kind of phrases at times makes a person so blind and optimist that s/he denies to accept the reality. optimism is "good" but it is necessary to know how much is ruling your life.
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• Philippines
23 Jan 12
I believe that most books about successful people stress the importance of optimism. They also discuss the significance of making sure that the brain attracts positive thoughts instead of negative ones. Thinking positively can become a habit that in the long run will help us all feel, think and act better. A person does not need to push himself to say these wonderful mantras. Keeping them in mind will help the same way. It is similar to how negative, worrying thoughts have the same effect as feeling bad about things or lashing people with bad words. I do agree that happy thoughts alone cannot make a person totally happy and successful. There has to be that determined mind set to reach goals and clear, realistic planning to realize dreams. I believe these B+ mantras fuel that same willpower. So, thinking positively is a crucial part of the whole scheme.