My poor guinea pig

January 23, 2012 11:05am CST
Today i went to my guinea after school like always. I was putting a lot of straw in there box and when i putted it down they both rushed into it like loose jackals. I have two male guinea pigs. They dont really fight. But now i heard a lot of running noise in there box and they rushed out of it and the biggest and most friendly one bumbed his head. I was totally shocked. I now see that my guinea pig has a little wound near his mouth and i think he has something with his paw. He's not really struggling on it but i think hes a little annoyed. I took my both guinea pigs inside. Especially too see whats was wrong with him and i dont wanna make the other one jealous. I hope everything is alright with him cuz i love them both. Later i will go again to look if hes alright or else I'll probably split my 2 guinea pigs to be sure nothing happens and i will go to the animal doctor with him.
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@unique16 (1531)
• United States
23 Jan 12
Hello Black0jack, That is so sad about your Guinnea Pig get bumped on the head. I hope he will be alright too. They do recover from this pretty quickly but if not doctor is the next best thing. They are funny and Liked buying mine in pairs too to keep each other company. Let us know what happens when you get a chance. Thanks Unique16
• Belgium
23 Jan 12
I've just returned and everything is alright with the two. They are very calm and are both in their box with straw in it. The paw isnt really that bad cuz he doesnt struggle. I only bought one of my guinea pigs. I got the big one with the wound for free from school cuz my little brother was the caregiver of his mother. And by accident did a male guinea pig escaped and somehow reached the mother and made her pregnant. So actually my cute guinea pig is here by accident. Wich i of course like. But when i had my guinea pig he looked so only. And i felt horrible and read everywhere to have at least 2 guinea pigs. I directly searched for a second one and i found one only a week difference in age. They dont really fight momentarely sometimes only the little one wants the box for him alone but mostly of the time they are both in it. I hope i never have to split them.