Mother Diagnosed With Lupus Disease

United States
January 23, 2012 3:28pm CST
Hello everyone. My mother has been diagnosed with lupus disease. At first she was insured by my dads job, however he lost the job and insurance. My mothers doctor visits, medicine, etc. all came to a halt. She was told that she could live up to several more years with treatment. She asked what would be expected without the treatments. His words were, "Trust me you need the treatments." So now she has no insurance and no healthcare, no medicine. She's constantly suffering because she now has autoimmune hepatitis disease. The immune system is attacking the liver. She's constantly got headaches, in pain, tired, can't think or stay focused. She can barely drive anymore. She's been turned down for state health insurance and out of options. We need a miracle. Does anyone have any ideas? Options?
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