do smoking enhance your personality??

@sayo13 (414)
January 25, 2012 2:50pm CST
well this a question i need to ask as i have seen many smokers giving this kind of reply that "smoking is enhancing their personality,it provides them with a matured look" i really hate smoking personally but i have always been a passive smoker all the time as my father used to be a smoker but after so many arguments he quit. having a cigar in your hand bringing out smoke from your mouth can really enhance your personality or at-least gives people the appealing look?? in my view i find smoking just ab habit and smokers the victims of it. personality or your appealing quality has nothing to do with smoking. but still i would like you all to throw some light to this topic of discussion as i am eager to know what you all think.
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@Absinto (2394)
• Portugal
25 Jan 12
i dont think it makes you cooler or even more mature. I honestly am a smoker but i to intend to stop ne day. i know it is bad for my health but i can admit that it is a bit hard to quit. I started as a kid as a joke but then it started to get too serious up to the point today.
@sanofer (525)
• India
26 Jan 12
people try smoking as a joke first. later they get addicted like you. this will happen because of the friends we have. i know that it is hard to quit smoking. hope one day you will quit smoking and will help other friends who are smokers to come out of that smoking habit. all the best:)
@sayo13 (414)
• India
27 Jan 12
yes its really tough to quit smoking as i have seen my father promising a hundrends of time but again failing to keep it. so i understand that. i have seen many people started smoking at their early age, this basically happen because of peer pressure. that age is also vulnerable to such deeds and habits.
@Absinto (2394)
• Portugal
28 Jan 12
i can tell you that it is never because of the friends you have. I started myself because i wanted too and at the time my friend had stopped smoking. There are some people that just cant think for theirselves and to receive peer pressure but not every time it is the friends fault. Deep down it is our fault for even letting ourselves trying it in the first place and continuing it in second place.
@lixiaos77 (1030)
• Shijiazhuang, China
4 Feb 12
I don't think that smoking is enhancing their personality. Actually, I smoke when there is no people. I don't want to do harm to others. Smoking can make me pacify and relax. I believe the pressure make many people smoking. Smoking is harmfull, which is known to everyone, I believe that smoking will reduce the personality.