Thinning hair (pics included) -- Shave it all off or different hair cut?

United States
January 28, 2012 9:13pm CST
I'm 27/male and I have thinning hair that is typically noticeable on the front section as well as some thinning on the back, not far from the cowlick. They say if you get a buzz cut, this would help out in terms of appearance, but honestly, I don't think it did. The buzz cut I got was with electric razor/trimmer #2 all-over (sides, back, and top). And some idiot asked me why I got my hair cut like that, because even though it was cut all the same length, there's thinning on top so it seems more like the sides and back are a little longer as everything grows back. So I tried something else... #2 on sides and back, and cut the top a little bit with scissors in order to make it seem like more is on top. And.... not working out so well either, You can still see the damn thinning and I'm getting frustrated. Lately, I've been considering shaving everything completely off, but I've never done it before and I'm not sure if I will look stupid or not. So that's a risk. I don't know what other hair styles to choose? Here are my recent pics:
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@maximax8 (31164)
• United Kingdom
29 Jan 12
I looked at your images that you posted. I wouldn't advise you to shave your head. Eventually you might go completely bald and if so you have a lovely head shape to look superb like that. At the moment although you have thinning hair your color of hair looks lovely. I would suggest you have top and sizes cut and leave well alone the thinning parts. Electric razors can get quite short hair you know. If you visit a hair dressers for men they could make your hair look great. Good luck.
@WakeUpKitty (8694)
• Netherlands
29 Jan 12
Some people already get thin hair at an early age. A friend already had it with 19 years old and way more as you. If this is not caused by an illnes or medication shaving it won't help. Personally I think the only way you can cut it is: all short or shave your head. If you live somewhere with great temp you can shave it and see what it looks like. Perhaps you can wear a great hat or something else, perhaps you have a great headshape. I don't think people find bold men weird or unattractive but they do laugh if you have long(er) hair on the sides and you wrap it around the more thinner spots. Big no. ps other option might be hair implant?
@Mashnn (4503)
29 Jan 12
I do not think shaving your hair will make you look stupid, it is just a like any other hairstlyle outside there. If you are so much bothered, you can try using hair growing products that are available in the market.
@Aja103654 (5651)
• Philippines
29 Jan 12
shave it all off, i think. That is the easiest solution. some people find it macho to shave all the hair off. My friend's brother also had this problem so he did not bother with creams and hairstyles. He shaved all his hair!