at the top of my lunnnnnngs!!! :)

February 1, 2012 7:43am CST
i love singing along with a song whenever i'm alone in my room... i sing along at the top of my lungs..i know i'm no songbird but i do it makes me feel like i'm doing something..even though that's not really the case :)if i am doing something i still like turning my music up and i turn my voice up even higher :)))
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5 Feb 12
The title reminded me an awful lot of A Walk To Remember, is that where it came from? I haven't watched that movie in a long time, though I like to avoid it at all cost because it leaves me feeling miserable for hours haha. I too like to sing when I am alone and there's no one in the house to listen to me secretely. I'm really paranoid about others hearing me sing so I always wait until everyone is out. I never sing too loudly though cause I'm always trying to 'like' the sound of my own voice, so turning up the volume of both music and vocals is a little off putting to me xD
• Philippines
13 Feb 12
well, you got me there..i was thinking about the song (only hope) from a walk to remember when i thought of the title...
@beamer88 (4259)
• Philippines
1 Feb 12
I sing when I'm in the bathroom :) But I totally understand what you feel. Sometimes I also sing songs with an uppity beat to sort of condition my mind for the tasks I have at hand. It's like cheering myself on. Although I don't actually sing at the top of my lungs. I wouldn't want my neighbors asking for my autograph or something :0
• Philippines
1 Feb 12
haha!so that's why my neighbors keep staring at me..they all want my autograph!!! ;P
@vycess (1588)
• Saudi Arabia
2 Feb 12
Yeah I know the feeling. I also love to do it especially when I'm not in a good mood, I'm gonna sing out loud and sometimes shouting. LOL. It's just feel like I'm taking out all the emotions I've been keeping to myself. It helps when I feel I'm gonna explode.
@zaahro (748)
• Indonesia
1 Feb 12
Hello camille...:) Singing a song can lose all your dejected, express your mood and cheer yourself. Two places that are the best for singing (since my voice is so horrible :D ) are my room and bathroom :D. None can hear me, no one can stop me even complain me. Turn the volume higher, dance happily and lose all my worries. No day without music.