Fat Belly

February 12, 2012 2:16am CST
My only problem with my body is my belly. It's so fat. Anyone please give me tips on how to reduce my belly?
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@ladyfeli (52)
• Malaysia
12 Feb 12
I got some tips for you Which are, 1) Always note the type of food you eat, i mean you got to reduce any food that do with fat, 2)Do a lot of exercises like sit-up Morning. i promise you that with this you will experience changes, I've tried it and it is working for me.
@jenn88 (57)
• Philippines
13 Feb 12
i tried this and it worked for me., but i also added some cardio to go along with it, and healthy diet. :D
@chicgale (2982)
• Philippines
9 Mar 12
Don't eat to much carbohydrates. Try doing some squatting coz it will help making your tummy small. And try walking also. ;-)
@lilaclady (28207)
• Australia
12 Feb 12
I read somewhere that normal belly exercisers are good but there is a layer of fat that does not always react to those exercisers you have to alson do the exercisers for the inner layer by pulling your tummy in a lot like pelvic exercisers...
@Java09 (3075)
• United States
16 Feb 12
The things I think good for belly ,is to watch what you.I know sit up help to flatten.Maybe do an online search to see what foods are good for flattening your stomache. The only way is to get motivation.I'm having the same problem,it isn't an easy thing.But you'll be happy when your stomach gets trim.