what do you wish to achieve before death befalls you?.....

February 13, 2012 6:33am CST
Billians of people around the world working to get the best out of life, planning and implementing ,yet our dreams and desires are most of the times ,the driving force to our continuous exertions.With changes in life our dreams too seem to change according to there nature of probability yet still we all have our goals in life, so,what goals have you had in life and how have they changed up till now ,be as expressive as you please!
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@maximax8 (31055)
• United Kingdom
13 Feb 12
I had goals to achieve and luckily I have achieved those over the years. They were buy a home, have children, travel around the world and get a dog. Later on I added to the list buy a car and learn how to drive. It took me years to pass my practical driving test. I bought my first home at age nineteen years old. I had my children born when I was twenty-two, thirty-four and thirty-six years old. I got my dogs when I was in my mid thirties. I got my car five years ago and passed my practical driving test two years ago. I traveled around the world when I was twenty to twenty-one years old. Now I wish to keep healthy, be happy, have my family happy and travel to lots more places in the world. Good luck with your goals.
• Pakistan
13 Feb 12
Amazing ,seems you achieved a lot very early in life ,it must have been really tough in your early twenties , so are you satisfied with the way life is or is there anything big you still wish to achieve?
• Philippines
16 Feb 12
i want to live luxuriously. and i want to see my grandkids before i die. my only child, a daughter, is still 3 years old. so that means, i have a long life ahead of me. hehe
• United States
14 Feb 12
I have always been a very simple person. As a young girl, all I wanted was to find my true love and be a wife and mother. Now, that I have that, my childhood dream of being a writer, has come back into play. I can proudly say, that I am now a freelance writer. Yet, my dreams are still small, it's not just my dreams anymore. I wish to be able to help my husband make his come true. In the lines of both of us owning our own business. I will die a very happy person. If,I see the sign raised on a building, for his business.