How to remove this timeline view ? Someone help

February 14, 2012 9:55pm CST
the day this timeline view arrived on facebook everyone had curiousity to use it and to change their wall to this new theme but now me with many more users of facebook are annoyed of this and specially when you are using google chrome it won't lt you sit calmly with the no. of ads it introduces and makes the cover shorter even more..and when i goto my settings i dont find a way to change it back to my wall. some one help ?
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@mauve02 (133)
• Philippines
16 Feb 12
i think its permanent. Once you changed your view into timeline it will not not go back as before. just bear with it and maybe you will like it in the future. :)
@vt689586 (584)
• India
15 Feb 12
well i think there is no way to remove this.and i feel so lucky because i did not accept this on my profile. i am just using the older one because it is easy to handle to and i love it too.i heard from many of user about this time line.but i thinks older way is more efficient.
@lilaclady (28207)
• Australia
15 Feb 12
I believe everyone is being changed over, I don't think you will have a choice, I was a bit negative about it at first but I love it now, so I think maybe just give it a chance.
• Philippines
15 Feb 12
I thought that facebook timeline was cool at first. I really wanted to get it when it first came out though I don't know how to activate it during that time. Then I realized that it's somehow annoying and confusing compared to the old one that's really simple but nice to look at. I later read posts from my friends in their status asking how it can be removed but all those who commented said that there's no way to revert it back to the old one. I also searched it in the internet and I got the same answers :((
• Slovenia
15 Feb 12
There is no way back. This is latest changes from Facebook, they are moving to timeline. We will all have timeline, if you like it or not. So you have to used to timeline soon or later. There is no way back.