United States
February 21, 2012 5:00pm CST
how many people really know about our founding fathers? do you know that all were religouse all beleaved in praying befor meetings and in school did you know the capitol building in washington d.c was used for church services and today as a chapel in it for daily use. so why are we trying to take praying out of public attivites and school. they old theory was if you did not beleave dont pray there are more whpo do then dont the ones who dont are the ones uselly commiting crimes or liveing a unmoral life have you notices the last 15 years more crime more teens having babys more femals with 4 or more kids by different men. maybe we need to do alot more praying.insted of less all this can be found on google history of our founding fathers history of our nation ete if you dig youll find
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