@baifuwa (636)
February 23, 2012 9:51am CST
I have a bad biological clocl. I am sober-minded after twenty two clock,and dont want to go to sleep.So i play the computer,sleep later . The next day,i have no psyche to work .I want to sleep. It is bad ,but i have no ways to change . Do you have good idea?
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@youless (112007)
• Guangzhou, China
24 Feb 12
I think it is common for us to feel sleepy in spring. Since it is moist and rainy. We hardly see the sun. And therefore it will have an effect on our biological clock and mood. I love China
@Cranos (273)
• Belgium
23 Feb 12
There's always a way to change. I've had all the different sorts of biological clocks out there (I've had terrible insomnia) but I could change them. For starters, when you don't sleep that night, make sure the next day is active. Even if you're incredibly sleepy, DON'T SLEEP. And then go to bed at a reasonable hour the next night. If that doesn't work there are several sleep inducing herbal medicines and teas out there that might help (although I've never believed in them). If all that doesn't work you can try the more conventional sleeping pills. Once my rhythm was so screwed up that I needed professional help, so I went to my doctor and he gave me some. Important to note is that they should only be used to get your biological clock right again and you should stop once you can go to bed at a reasonable hour again. Also, don't take more of it than your doctor says you can take. That way there's no real chance of addiction (because of course, there is that risk).