A year away and yet so much to do....

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February 23, 2012 11:03pm CST
Our goal is to put our house up for sale a year from May. I know it sounds like a ways off but there is so much to do in that time and then there will be the stress of putting it up for sale and hoping to get it sold and make some money off it as well. Our housing market has dropped so much in the last 4 yrs here that our house isnt worth what we bought it for 6 yrs ago.... they say the market is coming back and I can only hope that in the next year we will see a big difference in that. There are still several things we need to do to each room -- in that aspect it is good we have a small house. LOL The changes we want to make are things that I want in a house and things I know that will update/increase the value of our house....so I hope I get to enjoy the upgrades for a bit before we put it up for sale. I have never gone through a house sale so this will be scary and exciting at the same time....being this is our first house. I am anxious to look at houses next year though, that will be fun. Have you sold a house before? How was the whole process for you? Are you in the process of selling a house now?? Is it going well?
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@Thoroughrob (11750)
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24 Feb 12
I have never sold a house, and I would really hate to move. We would have so much stuff to get rid of. Good luck.
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28 Feb 12
Thank you. It will be a very interesting process to go through. I am anxious and nervous about it all. The packing and moving part doesn't bother me, that is the part I am looking forward to along with looking for a new house with lots more room then we have now. thanks for the response and have a great night!! happy Mylotting. :)