What to wear, what to wear..

@maezee (42179)
United States
February 24, 2012 8:55am CST
That is the question. To wear this, or to not wear this? It seems like all stereotypical girls have this problem when going out somewhere special with someone special. I am one of these girls. I have tons and tons of clothes and yet it seems like nothing works. I am one of those girls who throws everything on her bed and does a montage of various outfits to see which is appropriate, which is best. Today I am going on a road trip, in about 2 hours, and I'm having this same dilemma. What to wear? A mixture of cute and warm is probably best. Put together, but not too dressy. Comfortable but cute boots probably necessary as there is light snow on the ground. Man, there are so many factors that come into play!. I could spend hours trying on different combinations of outfits. But I really don't have THAT MUCH time. Gosh, how ridiculous. Now I just have to scavange through my closet to see if any of my clothes fit the criteria I have, which is always the hard part. How about you girls out there? Do you do this same thing? Try on a million things and toil over what to wear? And what about you guys? Is this a strictly all-girl thing, or do you guys have days where you want to look your best and have a hard time deciding on what to wear?
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@3account (317)
• United States
8 May 12
Well, same pinch because I have the same old problem as you. I have like a million clothes but still whenever I have to step out for an occasion , Iam back to square one as to what to wear. Then , my mother suggested me a very unique way to solve this dilemma Arrange your clothes according to the following. 1) Casual wear 2) Party wear/dresses 3) Formal wear 4)Traditional wear (if any)
@alberello (4752)
• Italy
24 Feb 12
Sure you women, you have a really big dilemma prior to selecting the right clothing to leave the house! I see my mother, she is studying and thinks like you can on how to dress, day after day! Then before leave the house takes half an hour to get everything up! So in your case I suppose you do not certainly the exception. But I to dress? 3 Minutes on the clock. Pants, shirt, and combined with (this time) jacket covering. Then the next day, I change my clothes certainly, but the time it used to be ready, does not change. Maybe I am too easily accontantabile in clothing?
@cher913 (25782)
• Canada
24 Feb 12
naw, all my hubby does is pick out a shirt and a pair of pants but i have to admit that on Sunday, he does ask me if he looks ok when we get dressed up for church.