Video Chat can make money for me But My internet connection is barrier Plz help

February 26, 2012 11:10am CST
Hello Friends I am making money Via Video Chat but My internet connection is barrier actually I am in India and in India Higest speed I can get around 1 MBPS till 5GB and after that Data Speed will go down to 144 KBs and when I do Video Chat so 245 MB per hour use to get deduct so if I do Video Chat about 4-5 hours per day so around 1 GB will be deduct in this way in just 5 days My high speed will go down and then webcam freez at many moments and its quality of cam will be pathetic I heard that about RDP service but when I tried to contact RDP they say I can not use webcam in RDP Now Plz friends You always help me plz help How I will use my webcam at good speed of net full month , actually Upload speed should be 300KBIT/SEC- 50KBIT/SEC for good webcam video chat still on 1 mbps I am not getting that much upload speed but it is ok for me Is it Possible that using my internet connection I will take service of Net from US as well to do webcam chat so my original data of net will not be effective ... or plz give me solution what to do I can spend money for getting good service..
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• Chennai, India
26 Feb 12
First, just make sure you are earning proportionate to what you are spending. If an unlimited high speed connection can solve your problem, just work out the profit. If it is profitable, then go for high speed (with higher data limit). Otherwise, ignore the video chat. Or try to use some lesser resolution webcams, so that the data transfer will not be more. Yet it will help only to extend for another 2 or 3 days. I don't have any idea whether VPN could help here. (VPN, that's another expenditure. You should consider that too.)
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• Philippines
27 Feb 12
Right, get a high speed unlimited internet connection and that will solve your problem.
• Philippines
27 Feb 12
Can u help me on how to make video chatting?Am longing for that coz my neice told me about that earning money but the question is that , i dont know how? Help me then.............waiting ur help soon.....