United States
February 28, 2012 1:29pm CST
Is this a good legitimate site to make money from? I joined back in September and have been steadily earning points. I had stopped for awhile and when I went back recently I noticed that several of the forums I belonged to went offline, (I guess that means they don't use the service anymore?)and others changed me to inactive. I rejoined the ones still on PostLoop and joined some new ones. How long does it take to earn your pay from this site? How many points is it per post? Do you know how many points you need to earn to cashout? Sincerely in Christ, Leesa C. Eph.2:8,9
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• India
28 Feb 12
Hello friend, before some days i also join postloop. But cant increase my points. In my knowledge here you need 100 Points or $11 to cash out. You can cash out through paypal and alertpay. Please help me about increase points of postloop.
@browneyed (2522)
• United Kingdom
29 Feb 12
I'm not sure of the amount of points you need to cash out, but it's not $11, it's $5.
• United States
29 Feb 12
I think the best way to earn points to cashout is to post good topics and make good comments. Make sure to do it everyday. I think it is similar to here but posts don't get deleted. Join the forums that have can have unlimited posts per day and also have a lot of points to give out. I like to post in the off-topics sections of the forums so that you can post many different topics and earn points for being active.
@UmiNoor (4446)
• Malaysia
5 Mar 12
You have to be careful about posting only in the off-topic section because the forum owner might want more discussions in the other sections. I've been revoked my subscription because of this.
@fantabulus (4000)
• India
12 Dec 12
But I read some other discussion about this site they are saying site is rejected to them why? I read paying is on 5 dollar but very hard to earn 5 dollar. High English is required so I feel mylot is best than any other site.
@jane239 (521)
13 Nov 12
You can cash out at 100 points which is the equivalent to $5.00. I think posts average about 1.7 points a post, sometimes more, sometimes less. Some people can cash out every day with 50-100 posts while others are cashing out $10 a day with 150-200 posts. I can do about 20 posts a day and cash out every three days.
@varier (5685)
• Indonesia
1 Mar 12
A friend of mine (not me! I was rejected :P) was being able to earn $5 in three days. So generally you should be able to earn a good amount of money (~at least better than discussing in myLot) at PostLoop :) Good luck. :)