He is at it again! Why can't people just ignore him?

@ersmommy1 (12596)
United States
March 2, 2012 1:06pm CST
Let me start off by saying THIS IS NOT a POLITICAL Discussion & I really don't want it to become one. However, Rush Limbaugh's comments about women needing to just put aspirin between their knees, and calling that college student a Sl*t? A lot of my female friends both online and elsewhere are upset. I can understand being upset. I just would like to say, This is how the man stays in the media spotlight. Since I choose to ignore his offensive remarks one individual seems to believe I don't care. He has had offensive things to say about women in the past, I am sure he will in the future. Putting that into the mix does anyone truly wonder why Limbaugh is on his 4th marriage? Does anyone know why he is so hard for some to ignore?
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@megamatt (14323)
• United States
5 Mar 12
I find myself amused to an extent by those professional trolls who call themselves political commentators. Its like going to the circus and watching the freak show. And the fact that anyone takes this person or any other of his ilk, no matter what they say, I just have to shake my head. And obviously he does have some supporters. Then again, everyone will have a following if they are famous enough. It is like a trainwreck that you cannot really look away from. And obviously some people just thrive on controversy. And people eat it up every time. Saying nice things won’t get you noticed. That much has been proven when people like Rush Limbaurgh continue to be relevant and known in the year 2012. Whether or not what he is saying is agreed with by some people(and you’d be surprised, although many people won’t obviously say it because they have common sense), he does get notice. That’s why bad news is reported. Because it gets more noticed.
@quisha89 (76)
• United States
2 Mar 12
I think it's good that you can ignore people, it's exactly right what you say, the more people talk about him, the more they put him in the spotlight. If everyone just ignored him then he wouldn't have so much "power" over people, as in he probably wouldn't even say stupid stuff because he'd know that no one would even pay attention to it.
@justme0k (152)
• United States
2 Mar 12
And what about the boys/men the ladies are having s*x with? If the ladies need to keep their knees together then the men need to keep it in their pants