How do I earn one dollar a day?

March 12, 2012 12:46am CST
Is it actually possible to earn one dollar a day on the internet? I've been searching for the past few weeks and am really exhausted, I just really need at least one dollar a day. You have no idea how much of a help that would be to me and my schooling, here in the Philippines a dollar a day means I get to eat a full meal at least two times a day. I'm lucky enough the school has free Wi-Fi, so I'm just trying to take advantage of that. I guess it's just harder for me since I can only earn through Paypal, and a lot of the really good offers out there are only for citizens of the US, plus I can't really do referrals and stuff. And I don't really qualify for the more lucrative offers, like, I can't write good articles, and I don't know programming, and any of the other skills that's usually required on the internet. I really suck, don't I? I just thought it would be good to ask here since it seems that a lot of people here have lots of experience making money online. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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@sukumar794 (5047)
• Thiruvananthapuram, India
12 Mar 12
Absolutely no short cut to win such specified limit of money gain. It is all from your efforts to put in quite a lot of work by way of responses,rating discussions and posting new discussions.
• Philippines
12 Mar 12
Yeah, I guess there truly is no shortcut out there. But um, just to be clear, I wasn't exactly talking about MyLot. I meant earning money out there, in the internet wilderness. MyLot just seems like a cool place to hang out but I don't really expect to earn much money from here.
• Malaysia
12 Mar 12
You can exchange your referral in " ", have you heard a site paid for chatting. It is a website paid for chatting and it is legit site. Even your earning slow, it is a place where you can find a mate as your referral. For further information, i send you the link in PM (private message).
• Philippines
13 Mar 12
There is no easy earning in the first place online.Only if you know more about legit site,you can earn money good. When my first earning online,it takes time to learn and how.My lot was my first time pay me ,and that earning it takes so much time and days .But by and by while here i increase my earning on different site.But it only depends.
• India
9 Aug 12
try megatypers invitation code: 3PTK
@victorkrish (1614)
• Malaysia
12 Mar 12
You may can take a online survey to earn more than $1 per day. The online survey provide a opportunity to provide every users in earning through online. But the question make sure the site that you are work is legit and a paying. You must be a strong believer that you can make. I had learn a lot a mate from mylot that guide me to earning online. You can use this link to further information You also can check the whether for genuine sites Not only that, you can earn money by writing an article to some sites that paying a highly. The sites like helium, iwriter, squidoo, triond and some other. This is where some people are currenyly earning and get paid everyday. Make sure the site is legit. Nowadays the scams site is huge grow and we must watch out.
• Philippines
12 Mar 12
Thanks for the advice victorkrish. I've become kinda wary of survey sites because I can't be sure if I'll actually earn something, I've already signed up to a couple of them actually. But the website seems to be of real help, I'm totally gonna check it out. Not sure if I'll be able to do the article writing though, I'm not too good with writing articles. But I'll check that out too. Thanks so much for the advice!
@512771751 (1096)
• China
11 Aug 12
For me it is hard to to that, but there are still many friends on mylot can do that. Maybe you should start interesting discussions and get more responses. Good luck.
@maukhan (72)
• Indonesia
12 Mar 12
Hello Jamsers You're lucky you English language ability is pretty good, actualy you can use it to write article, on helium, svoong, etc. to earn more one dollar a day on internet. Lucky you also can access the internet for free, you can use it to learn writing, on the ehow website. I hope my response can help you. Sorry if my English is not good, so I'm trying to improve it.