Punched in ribs 4 weeks ago... am I healing well or experiencing a new problem?

United States
March 15, 2012 12:46am CST
4 weeks ago, I was punched in my rib on my left side, just below the breast area. I went to the ER on the same day that it happened, the doc took x-rays and said it appears negative, that nothing is fractured and that it's just very bruised. He prescribed me like 800mg motrin and told me to give it at least 6-8 weeks to completely heal. Healing-wise, there has been some progress. On the day it first happened, I was walking like a zombie cuz I had to be careful how I moved. But now, 4 weeks later, I have no problem walking. I can also lay on it in bed with little to no discomfort. There's times when I forget that it's even there. My only symptoms that I'm experiencing right now are some localized tenderness in a few small areas, nothing painful though it's just "there". There's also some stiffness or tightness on left ribcage area, and there's a little boney area below the breast that feels like a tender knot or like a piece of bone is sticking up but when you look at my skin, there's no abnormal shape. I would hope that's not a piece of bone sticking out or anything. My wife told me it's all apart of the healing process and that I shouldn't worry though. I know you guys are not doctors, but just thought I would ask for your opinion or insight into my progress and what I'm currently experiencing.
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@choybel (5049)
• Philippines
15 Mar 12
I think it's just muscles building or developing. You should probably get exercise that includes movement of that area, i don't know if it's safe though, but if it is then better do it because it might get very stiff and you might have a hard time moving normally. If you are really worried then have a second check up with your doctor. Nothing does it better than the best, right?
• United States
15 Mar 12
I see. Well, I did go for a follow up appointment on Feb 29 (two weeks after it happened), the doc didn't take x-rays this time, she just inspected and palpated the injured area. She told me everything is fine and that as long as the injury is not interfering with my daily activities or threatening my breathing in any way, it's alright. However, I'm going for a 2nd follow up tomorrow morning and I'm going to ask if they could take x-rays again this time.
@Metatronik (6199)
• Pasay, Philippines
17 Mar 12
I am just curious how come you were punched? Meaning that guy was very strong enough to punch your ribs to make it feel like you are being fractured? Is he a wrestler?
@webearn99 (1742)
• India
15 Mar 12
Having had a punch bad enough to go to ER is serious enough for follow-up with the doctor. What you may be a small setback or it may be something else. There is no point in guessing about in what may be wrong with you and ignoring what you feel you have is the worst thing that you can do. Please go in for a follow-up and if there is something wrong, it can be fixed and if there is nothing wrong, your fears will be put to rest. Win-Win either way.
@beamer88 (4262)
• Philippines
15 Mar 12
I'm not a doctor but I had been in a few scuffles myself. I think your doctor's right though. It could be just a badly bruised area, and this takes quite some time to fully heal. Sometimes when it's healed, there's still some psychological effect. I mean, when you feel it, you would still think it's sore. Give it a few more days. Each person has different healing times. Some heal faster, others take a while.