too much to love will kill you?

@rozilynf (140)
March 15, 2012 2:26pm CST
i won't understand why i'd give my life ): I'd sell my soul.. i'm so in love, every one says that too much too love kill me, even my friends my family & others seeing me like that, saying that i am being stupid to love as much.. i can't understand why i'm still holding this kind of relationship, being so complicated ): i don't focus anything but to my love only, i can't concentrate.. i want some changes but i can't.. Sometimes i want to cheat but every time that i am planning that, it didn't happen because i don't want him to get hurt, and turned around if i do that, and really i can't do that I CAN'T!!! Every way i'm bound to lose! but still things complicated! The pain will make me crazy! I think i am one of the victim of being too much to love): I don't know what i'm going to do ): Kindly give me some advices? Thanks..
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• Philippines
16 Mar 12
Loving someone with all your heart with nothing left for you is dangerous. There are many around you who loves you too, so love them back! You shouldn't focus too much on a single person. But I'm not saying you should cheat. Honor your commitment with your partner but don't depend on him too much. He might get overburdened by your love that he'd leave you.
@Hatley (163781)
• Garden Grove, California
15 Mar 12
rozilnf I think what they are trying to tell you is to calm down and love rationally keeping in mind your self esteem. You cannot function well in a relationship if you let yourself be walked on, that is not love you are getting when it puts you down, that p erson is controlling you and thats not love,its ownership like you are an objec he wants to show off.If you would sell your soul for this then its not real love. real love does not demand that of you at all. And if you feel you want to cheat surely this is not love you are in an obsession;.in love with love., break this off as its not doing you any good to love someone who is taking all of you body and soul, this is an obsession,not healthy on either of your parts.You sound like you are obsessed so best to break it up. forget hurting this odd person as he is only hurting you. real love is give and take, he must love you and trust you and be faithful to you but he cannot possess you like a piece of art.Its not love you are the victim of but obsession. obsession is not healthy as it drains you of who you really are.
@emdjay23 (1575)
• Philippines
15 Mar 12
Well I guess there is nothing wrong in loving a person, I think your friends are right.. Too much love will kill us, because love can always be hurtful if you give all your 100%.. I always advice this to my friends that "You can always love a person the way you want it, but just don't give all your 100%, spare yourself even a bit because if the time comes that the person you love leaves you,that would be the worst part that will happen to your life.. and that's when IT KILLS YOU!
@ecaron (678)
• Canada
15 Mar 12
They say that if you're in a toxic relationship that it's not good for you, I don't think it will kill you but it damages you emotionally. I think I am in a toxic relationship but after many years I think I've handled it pretty well, My emotional state is alright for the most part. As for cheating , that is never a good idea because everyone gets hurt in the end. If you want someone new, the best thing to do is to end one relationship to start another.