Do you like trying on clothes?

@maezee (42179)
United States
March 21, 2012 3:38pm CST
Well.... I did a little bit of thrift shopping this afternoon after getting off of work early. I typically try on about 15 different items. I enjoy trying things on! Even if sometimes they end up looking stupid - ha ha. Of course I only ended up buying one shirt, for $4. ./ Are you the type who enjoys (or dreads!) trying clothes on?
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• India
5 Jul 12
Yes I am. I enjoy that. Even if it looks stupid and when I tried to fit it, it looks awesome and nice then I’m going to buy it. The price is cheap anyway; I won’t hesitate to buy it for me. I really enjoy trying clothes on. I am not choosy but I am not lousy.
@3account (317)
• United States
8 May 12
I enjoy trying on clothes.Especially the ones that I can only dream of wearing like maybe a very short summer dress or those nice dresses that can only be worn on the red carpet!! The most fun part is once I did end up buying a top that I still haven't worn since a year!
• Philippines
24 Mar 12
I love trying on clothes! It makes me feel like I own the clothes already and with trying it on first, I can see if it suits my body type or if it looks good on me or if I look good on it. And most of the time, I don't buy anything! Haha. I just love tying it on. Usually, I try 5 pieces and then buy nothing. But sometimes I just buy one item.
@ShyBear88 (56164)
• Sterling, Virginia
22 Mar 12
I don't enjoy nor do I dread trying on clothes. Most of the time I can just look at something and know if I'll look good on me or not. I buy and take it home and if I'm wrong I just bring it back and get a different size no big deal.
• Portugal
5 Apr 12
I don't hate trying on clothes, but I don't like it. It takes too much time, and I'm always paranoid that someone's going to walk into my dressing room. But I always end up doing it anyway, because I don't want to buy a ton of stuff and then go back to the store and return them because they didn't fit right. That's just something that frustrates me. :)
26 Mar 12
hello! Sometimes i do that, i just like to see if the clothes is nice to me. Then after fitting i will think of it lots of times if i will buy it or not. Its better to fit it before you buy it.
@lilaclady (28209)
• Australia
21 Mar 12
Trying the clothes on is the part I hate, but these days one has to as all the sizings are so different, with some things I can just hold up and judge if it fits so sometimes I go that way but some things you have to try them on.
@cher913 (25782)
• Canada
22 Mar 12
i have to say that it is not my favourite thing to do (especially in the winter when you have to take off all your heavy clothing) but i don't mind it.
@NailTech (6874)
• United States
21 Mar 12
I hate to try clothes on when i do the shopping, so generally I won't. In the thrift store i go to there aren't even any dressing rooms and the bathrooms are even shoddy so I won't use those either unless there is a true necessity. I try them on when I get home. I'm glad you got a shirt, I guess we'll be going to our thrift store again tomorrow, I didn't find anything there on Monday. They usually have 25% off sales on those days but they raised their prices too so I really don't feel like they're giving us any sales, anymore.
@maratus (184)
• Indonesia
21 Mar 12
No, I am not. Because I am not like the other woman that love shopping for hours, walking around all of the store to find the best, then try it..., I am a simple one, when I really met a dress I like then I try it if it is suitable with me I buy it, a simple save much time...,