What I want out of this Life....

@Katlady2 (9906)
United States
March 27, 2012 4:02am CST
All I want in this life is to be married yet one more time (to the love of my life that I'm living with at this very moment); to enjoy whatever time I may have left that is granted to me by by our loving God; and to be able to adopt whatever feline furbabies that God brings my way during the years that I have left to live on this precious Earth. Can anyone tell me if this is too much to ask? (Sorry to all if this seems a bit "emo" at the moment. I'm just having "one of those nights".)
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@blue65packer (11826)
• United States
28 Mar 12
Right now what I want out of life is to stop feeling sick! I been having issues with diarrhea! Not sure what is the real problem with it! I do know it is getting ridiculous and I will make an appointment to see my doctor! It has been affecting my jobs! It is even getting to the point Pepto bismol and Imodium D don't help! I try to drink plenty of water! If I don't have diarrhea I have a sour stomach for much or all the day! I am a mess and I want my life back!
• India
27 Mar 12
real beautiful feelings! i appreciate....
@yahnee (1243)
• Philippines
27 Mar 12
We have the same feelings and dream since my only request at this point in my life is to marry my significant other. I want to share with him what is left of my life and experience the sort of happiness one gets in a married life but it seems quite impossible at the moment. My fears since my partner is single is the possibility that he may find someone else who is free to marry him. I happen to be married and separated and living in a country without a divorce law. Getting married again is not much too ask, isn't it?
@dazzledlady (1618)
• Philippines
27 Mar 12
We all want the best for ourselves and to our family. And I do not think that it is too much to ask as long as we do something to achieve what we want. What I want if to find and be the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. Good health for me and my family and to be safe at all times. That is what I always pray, but not so much about the love of my life as I am more focused on my career now.