I Think I Have Found the 2 Best Sites to Write For

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March 27, 2012 8:11pm CST
Ever since searching the Internet for the best sites to write for (freelancing)in late Dec., I think I have found them. I narrowed them down to 2, based on from what other myLotters suggested to me & from me doing a lot of research on, esp. when it comes to pay rates, paying polices & benefits. Seed, seems to be the best one when it comes to paying polices (by check) so I can cash it if I want & not rely on it being sent to my bank account all the time, & ODesk seems to be the best when it comes to pay because they pay by the hours work, not just the quality of work. Since I'm a slow writer because I do alot of research when writing, for accuracy, I would probably get paid more by the amount of time on the work rather than the quality (I estimate). Plus, ODesk has medical benefits! A rarity for freelancers of all types. I just need to get my tax forms together & writing samples together & double check my updated resume to start applying.
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1 Apr 12
I used to do Odesk and Elance. Odesk did offer good pay, but I always chose to do jobs that paid a flat rate. Those seemed to end up paying more than the by the hour jobs. My advice is to try for a variety of jobs. I only stuck with one employer and ended up getting burnt out very quickly. I like to write, but I perfer forums since there are so many different subjects to write about. There are many employers that don't critize you for your mistakes because they are basically looking for someone to give them a start on the article. They go back and fresh it up a bit. My second piece of advice is to use jobs that pay through paypal. You will find that employers that pay through pay pal will end up keeping you on their team without you having to pay the Odesk fees. They use Odesk to find good workers, and then bring you on to their team as a regular if you do a good job. It reminded me of a temp to hire workplace. Plus if you use paypal you don't have to wait a week to get your money.
31 Mar 12
Thank you so much for starting this discussion and for the tips about Seed and Odesk. I'm a writer and I have been searching for good sites to work on. You have given me two more to look at on my list of writing sites. thank so much for sharing the results of your research on writing sites! Good luck on all!
@tonyllenium (6254)
• Italy
28 Mar 12
personally i knwo odesk but in reality it is not simple to take many jobs there and so your earning depends from different offers...anyway as site is good and has many resources so if you are able to take some contract there you can earn!!good luck!!
@esor50 (115)
29 Mar 12
..good for you! good luck..
• Indonesia
30 Mar 12
I do writing articles, your information very helpful to me,Thanks