Obamacare is Unconstitutional

United States
March 27, 2012 8:29pm CST
With the Supreme Court debating the issue of Pres. Obama's Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare)today, the majority of the Court seems to be arguing against the Act while 2 liberals on the Court argue in favor of it, admiting that it is not constitutional but that the Constitution should be modeled after other nations' constitutional. We'd have to have a constitutional convention. That takes an agreement on the part of all the state legislatures. And we never had a constituional convention at the national level since our 1st & only Constitution was adopted. Having a mandated provision on the bill that all Americans 'must' buy health insurance 'or' pay a fine, is against free will of the people to decide their fate of their lives. I agree with the Republicans that health care should be privitized. People should pick their own health care, like I plan to do when I apply to some writing websites for jobs. I get to pick a health care plan. I've heard some poor arguments from liberals like the one that 9 justices on the Supreme Court are going to argue for or against health care, or Obamacare is just social security or Medicare or Medicaid in that both parties agree it's a good thing for all Americans. They're wrong because Obamacare demands that all Americans get health care or else be fined. What kind of law is that? That's democratic socialism like in Europe. We're supposed to be a nation of free will when it comes to personal matters like health. Our liberties are at stake if this law is still in place. What do you think?
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@merci322 (29)
• United States
28 Mar 12
The world is a very different place than when the Constitution was written. The rough drafts of the early documents such as this were written on hemp and now that is another freedom taken away. That being said, Obamacare is a step in the right direction. It does not violate anything in the constitution at all. Unless you are part of the wealthiest 1% in this country, which I cannot imagine since you are here on this sight, it makes no sense to be on the right. You can still see any doctor you choose, it's not socialism. It makes no sense to fund education and not fund health care first. You have to be alive to go to school. Wake up. The preventative care will change this country so much for the better. I don't agree we should have to pay premiums, basically because I am a naturalist and don't like most of modern medicine. However, it is important to have the basics in case of an accident. There is nothing more important than health.
• United States
2 Apr 12
The Constitution may be old but it's generally revelant. What's in question by republicans is the individual mandate. If you think the document's premise on health care is outdated, then most people would vote for people in their state's legislature to have a constitutional convention to ammmend the whole document. That's never been done because most people agree with it. The only other way to deal with the health care issue would to add an ammendment to it. That's more probable since it only takes a 2/3 vote of both houses of Congress to propose an ammendment & then ratified by a 3/4 vote in both houses of the state legislatures. We have medicaid for people who can't afford it. People shouldn't be fined for not buying health insurance when they can't afford to buy it in the 1st place. How can they pay the fine if they can't afford health insurance? Anyway, health care should be a state issue not a federal one. I would probably support state-funded health insurance like Mitt Romney did in his state. It's easier to ammend the state constitutions then the federal one.
• India
16 Jul 12
It seems like the government is trying to catch up on expenses, with the general public footing the bill for persons who are currently not insured under their revised plan. In the long run it will definitely help bring about change for the better. Consider this; you don’t pay your medical expense, they take it off somewhere else, one way would be thru your tax return. Somehow they will be paid.
@TheIzers (680)
28 Mar 12
I think President Obama is only try to do people favor in the long run by making sure that when people lose their job they still can go to hospital or see doctor when they needed.