A Supermarket Being Built Near Our Street

United States
March 29, 2012 6:24pm CST
Starting in September 2011, there was a proposal by a development company called Columbia, to build a Shop Rite Supermarket where the Otto's Oldsmobile lot is in my hometown of Colonie, NY. Suddenly last year, Shop Rite, which disapeared from our area in 1988, comes back in Niskiyuna, NY (near Colonie) and one is being built since Fall '11 is planning to build one next year with the permission of the Colonie Village Planning Board! It is a Wakefern, NJ - based corporation. The proposed 70.000 sq.ft. store would be a 24-hr. store with a gas station near it with 16 gas pumps! This area in Colonie is located between 2 residential streets - right next door to them! One of them is my street. It is estimated by the NY Transportation Dept. that more than 500 new vehicles trips will be on the main road near it & my street, between 4-6 pm on weekdays - a lot more traffic made much more worse than is already is - even for a village main road! Even with traffic lights installed in front of the property, this will divert more motorists onto nearby residential streets making them more like main streets than residential ones. My neighbors and I have been attending the Village Planning Board meetings with the development company every other month since Sept. and residents on both sides of the proposed land have protested rationally & emotionally against it. But unfortunately, 2 days ago, the Planning Board, reluctantly approved of it after they tried to make it difficult for Columbia to build the Shop Rite there. But, it is right for the developers to file the application to build in that spot. Capitalism & property rights prevail in this great country of ours, but the developers & Shop Rite have no common sense when they both decided to build between 2 residential streets!
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• China
30 Mar 12
It seems your place is prospertiy . May be the government is plan not so considerately. It is may the result of some competition of the company to bid. In our hometown near my residential there is a supermaket of Vanguard ,it is more suitable for us to buy things ,and in a new residential dear there start a new supermaket of walmart. The city is not so narrow but the walmart is not so big as your town's supermarket. My town citizen is convenient for these kind of supermaket . I remember one day I go to work there is a big supermaket of jiajiafu in which I bought some fruit to the office. Nice memory. I am not a architecture,but my town's road is the same problem of spilit and buid again ,but still not big enough.Luckily ,my hometown is small hometown ,there's not so many people.
30 Mar 12
I have to agree with you there. If I was planning to build a supermarket somewhere, I'd try to find a spot that was off to one side of any developed property, especially residential. Not just for ther reasons you've stated, but because I'd want to allow room for possible future expansion. Wedged between two residential streets, there's no chance of adding anything on to the supermarket/petrol station complex in the future - and you never know what further developments might be required by the changing market. Where I come from, these kinds of developments tend to be built off the main road in places where no-one else has built before, and the developers tend to buy up as much empty land as possible, even if there's no immediate need. But then again, we're not short of empty moorland near me!