So Kooday Doomed everyone

United Arab Emirates
March 31, 2012 6:39am CST
I am posting any message after a long time.....Bur it makes me sad think how much money i have lost for a much talk money making opportunity kooday.... They simply vanished with out giving anything. I am not sure If any one made money.. The thing i have observed that everyone claims to have earned money through this so that they can have more referrals.
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@sirnose (2439)
• United States
5 Apr 12
I never did join Kooday I use to get emails telling me how great this site was and all the money I could make with certain keywords. I never liked anything thats got to do with buying keywords or surfing or using a search engine for pay. It like they say there's a sucker born every minute and experience is your best teacher.
@CTHanum (8234)
• Malaysia
31 Mar 12
I have heard about it once before and up till now the way they make profit is absurd and it is no surprise that it doomed everyone. We should avoid things that is not so clear about the product they present to use. I am not so used with this site so I am not so sure about it but hope it will give lesson to everyone.
@browneyed (2524)
• United Kingdom
31 Mar 12
Kooday vanishing doesn't surprise me. As really unfortunate as it is that money was lost, it's just part and parcel of the internet. There will always be sites like Kooday. I had my suspicions about the site, which is why I never invested more than $5, money which I didn't mind losing. However, I made my money back on my initial investment and then everything after that was pure profit - I think I made about $60 in total. I always cashed out as soon as I reached the minimum to cash out - I never left my money sitting in there. I'm sorry you lost your money. Hope you find a way of earning that's genuine. Take care...