Blogging: A Stress Reliever

@ronadelle (1547)
April 3, 2012 10:34am CST
I started blogging since 2008. My first virtual journal was at Friendster then before it became an online gaming site. Afterwards, I learned about Multiply and that's where I blog regularly. Now, it's at Blogger that I found blogging a happier and much more fun because I'm not only blogging but I'm also receiving incentives from it! How cool is that?! Aside from that bonus, blogging even before has become my outlet when I'm feeling down or happy. It became my stress reliever that I could share my happiness to my friends by writing how I feel. How about you? Do you blog as well? How does blogging help you personally?
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@CarlHalling (3617)
• United Kingdom
16 Apr 12
The first Web Log I joined was Blogster in early 2006: ...and I'm there to this day with my blog entries dating back over six years now. I didn't blog there in the conventional style at all though. I blogged as a means of developing my writing skills, posting the building blocks of what went on to constitute my complete writings: ...first at Blogster, and then at many other blogging and writing sites. I love blogging because it's so creative, and I can share my writings with the world, which is such a joy. I ower a lot fo Blogster, and to the other sites where I built up my skills, and body of writing work. I've never blogged contentionally, which is to say keeping a web log, although I've thought about it, and ironically, I do keep an offline diary, so perhaps I should think of blogging it.
• Philippines
10 Apr 12
Hi! i have heard about earning from blogging but i don't really know how to go about it. Now that i have learned from you that it relieves stress, the more i want to. How do i start, could you please help me? Thank you for posting this discussion and thanks to mylot too.
@samar54 (2454)
• Egypt
8 Apr 12
I have a blog also , But unfortunately I do not enter much as I did in the past , I am so as to health conditions , I hope to be back to my activity where I practice my hobby again in writing, and I share it with visitors .