i need to go back to church :(

@birdie816 (1276)
United States
April 8, 2012 10:41am CST
i haven't been going to church much lately. i used to go every single week with my husband and we also used to be in many different ministries that would meet throughout the week. practically the whole church knows us because we were there so much (aside from the fact that we were obviously the youngest married couple in the church. i was 19 when i got married and my husband was 20). anyway i really miss the whole atmosphere of my church but when i moved a few months ago i found it difficult to make it to church because of our new location. then i ried going to church with my sister to a church that was closer but it wasn't the same...also since we moved, my husband has started to have doubts about Christianity. so i am in kind of a hard place. i feel like this could ultimately divide our family (we are having a baby in june). i don't know what to do anymore
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• India
23 Jul 12
It is said that our faith is built from what we hear. Your husbands doubt may have risen from not hearing about Christ for too long. You need to get in to any church near you that shares the same faith as you. The experience may not be the same but change is inevitable; you may find that you like your new church. Also revive Christian discussions in your home.
@birdie816 (1276)
• United States
15 Sep 12
well despite the fact that we don't go to church much, we have never really stopped talking about religion...but that does not mean we have all the same views.