Kaftans and Ponchos

April 8, 2012 8:49pm CST
To my fashionista friends!!! I need help! Can you tell me the difference between a poncho and a kaftan??? I am quite confused. A poncho is something you wear on top our your blouse right?? and it wont have any stitchings on the side for the sleeves right???? As for the kaftan, is this the one that is almost like a poncho but has stitchings on the side to where we can slip our arms through??? Can you help me clear out this confusion?
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• Philippines
9 Apr 12
they don't have anything in common except that both are worn as overdress - means wear over a dress. Poncho is a single large sheet with an opening in the center where the head enters & with opening on the both sides for the arms.The original poncho has a hood to cover the head but nowadays,it has been deliberately altered for fashion purposes.mainly used by south Americans due to cold weather kaftan is a variant of a robe or tunic,usually like a buttoned coat.Usually worn by royalties in Persia Kaftans are longer than Ponchos....
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• United States
8 May 12
Kaftan is a Persian word which literally means a overcoat or dress with full sleeves which generally reach till the knee and is made of wool, silk, cashmere etc. It can be worn with a sash also.It is a variant of robe or tunic and is synonymous with Islamic cultures mostly. A poncho, is more like a garment to keep your body warm or to keep it covered.These were used initially by native Americans but now are an integral part of South American culture. There are traditional ponchos and Aeron Fletcher ponchos.
9 Apr 12
i have a poncho, it doesn't have sleeves, it has a hole for the head and that's it, they are very popular here right now, i wear mine over a vest or shirt and they look great with jeans, a kaftan is long and can be worn with other clothes or just for lounging around the house, very comfortable