phobia of sleeping dolls

April 11, 2012 3:12am CST
there is a person i know who is very much afraid of sleeping dolls ..She is now about 19 years old,she don't know why she's so afraid of it until now.Is it normal?How do call this kind of phobia?She has really a hard time conquering this fear.How can we help her?
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@almond24 (1248)
• Hungary
11 Apr 12
Almost anything can cause a phobia, so I think it is possible. Maybe something happened to her when she was small, had a bad experience that she associated with those dolls. I admit some sleeping dolls look weird for me too. If she has phobia I guess she can't look at those sleeping dolls or have some kind of panic attack from them? Some phobias are often treated by gradually introducing the object of fear... like first reading about it, or looking at pictures, then looking from distance, and in the end going there and touching the doll. But not going to the next step until she can tolerate it. Well for me it helped with the fear of dogs. Welcome to mylot!