The HCG diet

Trinidad And Tobago
April 11, 2012 12:06pm CST
Was wondering, has anybody here ever tried something called the "HCG diet"??? It's reportedly a 500 calorie a day diet using something called HCG drops that enable you to lose 1lb a day. Would like to get some feedback please, if anybody has ever tried it. Thanks. And to those who are into health, would welcome any comments you may have on effective weight loss methods.
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11 Apr 12
500 calories a day is dangerously low. You'd need almost constant medical supervision to make sure you weren't damaging yourself. Definitely not something I'd try. The best weight loss methods are the boring, obvious ones: eat better, eat less, get more exercise.
• Trinidad And Tobago
18 Apr 12
hi well after doing some serious research, I'm on the diet and thus far I've lost 5 lbs in 5 days. yes some might say it's easy to lose weight on a 500 cal diet but actually a person can gain weight if they were to just indulge in a 500 cal diet by itself. The HCG drops which is what I'm using, extracts extra fat out of your body for energy and the likes so you don't feel hungry. After the period is over, I'm going for 26 days, You go on a maintenance phase which allows for you to move your eating to 1500 calories and EXERCISE. So you're not going to put back on the weight. By the way I hate diets, and I've tried the boring obvious ways: No DICE. Didn't work. I just wanted something to jump start my weight loss, and maintain a healthy weight with proper eating and exercise.
• India
25 Jul 12
For a healthy life and diet we need to minimise the amount starch we eat on daily basis, then we should replace all or some of the high carbohydrate food we eat with high calories food. I am not familiar with the HCG diet but so long as it high in calories then it is the way to go.
@inertia4 (27961)
• United States
11 Apr 12
I have never tried it but I have heard of it. I even saw some doctors talking about it on one of those morning shows. Some were in favor of it while others were not. And from what I understand, the diet is specific to the person. It is not one of those blanket type diets where anyone can follow it. It is for the person. They have to do testing on you and determine if you're able to do it and then they form the diet around your physical body. It sounds good though.